Mission, Vision & Modus

Our Mission

To develop on a sustainable foundation of profit-driven growth while maintaining the balance between purpose and profit, and always being considerate of our impact on the environment, our community, workers, suppliers and customers.

Our Vision

To develop the production capacity and sales channels that produce and deliver high quality value-added meat products to high value markets locally, regionally and intercontinentally. We leverage the premiums created from those interactions to deliver lower cost mass market meat commodities to our local community.

How we do it

Montserrado Meats maintains relationships with growers throughout the production cycle. We purchase live animals from those producers at various production stages and grow them out until finishing at a central processing location.
The age at which we purchase depends on how well the producer can grow as the pigs get older. Some producers lose control shortly after weaning age, while some are able to keep their pigs healthy and happy and bring them to market in 8 or 9 months.
We encourage growers to focus on stages of production that suit them best so that some produce only young piglets to supply other grower/finishers who in turn specialize in growing to market weight as efficiently as possible.
We focus on training young men and women to separate the high value cuts on the animal so that our butchers and chefs can further process them further into the high value meat products that our clients demand.