Montserrado Meats is as a purveyor of local meat products. We aim for naturally and sustainably raised animals. We offer the full spectrum of custom butchery services. That means we can custom cut any steak, chop, roast you want. We can also dress a quarter, side of whole pig any way you want it. We can even do fancy stuff like a crown roast or even a head on crispy skin whole hog porchetta. Just ask!

Why the pork focus?

As well as our environmental and animal welfare efforts, part of our purpose, is to address some local social issues, like poverty and food insecurity. We determined the pork value chain had the best chance of gaining the deepest reach into rural communities while also having the widest array of value added products and the greatest potential for exportable products. Our business model is centered around the pork sub-sector for that reason.

Other Animal Products

Our goal is to diversify our product list as we progress. Not just adding beef, lamb, goat, chicken, and fish. We have a reach that offers access to many sources other meats, and can process them with the same professional, safe and hygienic production practices that we use for our pork.

If there is type of meat that we currently don’t have available that you’d like get for you, ask. We’ll see what we can do.

Never Frozen Meats

All all our meat is either made available for sale, or frozen in vacuum packs within 4 hours after slaughter. Typically, when a product if ordered, we will remove it from the freezer to get an order ready for pick-up. This my allow the product to thaw before delivery but usually it will have been frozen. If you want a product that’s never been frozen, you can request that. We’ll be able to divert it from the freezer, and let you know when it will be available for pick up or delivery. There might be a small surcharge for that service, but we can do it.