Belly Bacon

Known as streaky bacon to Brits, belly bacon is what Americans know as bacon. It’s name denotes where it comes from on the pig. The meat is high in fat and is easily recognized by it’s layers of fat and lean intermingling.
We cure our belly bacon to be somewhat sweet with both brown sugar and local honey, finish with a moderate hit of smoke.

Back Bacon

With its name also giving away its origin on the pig, back bacon has a lower fat percentage, with more distinct separation from the lean. Named rashers by the Brits, for whom this is the cut of choice, it is also where Canadian bacon is found after further trimming. For this cure we reduce the sugar and the smoke time producing a more meaty traditional bacon.

Buckboard Bacon

Cut from the pork shoulder (aka boston butt, hand of pork, culatello), buckboard is a favorite of butchers, chefs and BBQ competitors around the world. The fat percentage is inconsistent though to tends to be somewhere in between belly and back bacon.
We process buckboard similarly to back bacon which gives it a similarly austere, traditional flavor.


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